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Passionately Serving The Creative Intelligence Of Growing Children.

Kids love to build forts. There’s no doubt about it. Give them a fort and they are happily playing and having a blast for hours to come. Whether they are building forts from our manual, or cleverly creating new designs on their own, kids will have a tremendous amount of fun building with their Fort Magic kit.

However another benefit of building with Fort Magic parents may not realize is that it is also an excellent learning tool for the most important habits of happiness and success! This is what Fort Magic is truly passionate about.

To teach a child the value of planning, believing in their ability to complete a project, or having unlimited creativity and confidence while building or accessorizing a new design, are just a few of the important values Fort Magic increases in your child. A love of process and learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child, and with Fort Magic these are learned while having incredible fun!

We invest our heart, creativity and the highest standards of quality into our products, for children. Because we believe this is what children and families deserve. We wish you many hours of creative, quality family time with your children. It is our pleasure to be of service each day.


Building Greatness In Children One Fort At A Time.

Fort Magic is dedicated to creating products that celebrate the greatness and uniqueness of every child as an individual. We believe that every child deserves to become a confident human being, experiencing life in its most loving, abundant and unlimited potential.  Achieving happiness through individual and creative self-expression, with positive and meaningful connection to the world and others around them. Fort Magic believes that any child can build the life they dream of!


Product Quality Is Something Fort Magic Takes Great Pride In.

As is our dedication to making sure our products are safe and enjoyable for children to use. Our Fort Magic Kit has gone through rigorous testing, with the highest of standards, to ensure every safety measure has been met. Every test has been performed by a third party independent lab approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission of the United States. As a retailer of goods sold to children, we would advise parents to purchase only those products that have been specifically approved by the CPSC for sale to children.

It is in the best interest of child safety to do so.

Thank you,

Team Fort Magic